KGB is a band with a passion, focus, and commitment to creating original music. Our roots lie in Rock n’ Roll, Country, and Improvisation. We, as individuals and as a collective, have a a deep love for performing live music, connecting with fans, and enjoying good times together. We believe the live show arena is where where the magic happens and we will always be working our asses off to create a fun and evolving music experience, on stage and off the stage. Come join the party and we hope to see you soon!
Much Love –KGB


Born Free Dog

KGB dog is about playfulness, freedom, and unconditional love

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Kalob Griffin

Lead singer, songwriter and guitarist for the band. He brings his country upbringing to the stage which lifts the KGB to a place all it’s own.

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John Hildenbrand

Self taught on piano and organ, John aka HIN, appreciates a wide range of musical styles which blend together to create his signature sound.

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Eric Lawry

Drummer and lead harmony singer, Eric’s performance delivers and enthusiastic punch that will knock you off your feet and leave you wondering “does he ever stop smiling?”

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Robert Dwyer

A multi-instrumentalist, performing on mandolin and guitar, Rob has a focused mindset on perfecting technique and a passion for improvisation.