KGB Philly Fam and State College Fam,

Next weekend is when PSU takes over Philly for the Temple vs PSU game on Saturday. Come begin your weekend of debauchery with us Friday night -Kalob Griffin Band Grape Room Event!! We want you to come dance your asses off with us until 1:00 AM, maybe find that special guy or gal, and wake up saying “I’m ready to get juking and jiving to some KGB tunes while I tailgate my arse off”.

We won’t be able to join the festivities Saturday because we’re heading up to PSU to play at Cafe 210 on Saturday night … a marathon show for all the extraterrestrials who are ready to take over Cafe 210 Saturday night!

We’re counting down the days until next weekend … Whether you’re in Philly or at PSU, we can’t wait to see you and spend the night together having a fun ass time. More show announcements coming next week, including our first DC Show

Love, KGB

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  • I would really like the DC show date, please and thank you! Hope you boys are well!!!!

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