This has surely been an eventful month for KGB and looking back on everything I am so proud of what we have accomplished. That being said I truly thank Plug-In Rewind Management and their team for all the hard work and effort planning the tour. Without them we would be in a much different place.

I want to talk about the current state of the band and music and where we want to be in a years time. Since releasing our debut album “June Found a Gun” earlier this year we have been working out new material for the next record. Some of these new songs are my personal favorite but maybe that’s only because they are new. Either way over this past run we regularly performed four new tunes, two of which can be seen here as recorded by Sam Campbell of He recorded these songs in Pittsburgh at Club Cafe on 10/11 which was their debut live performance. (Thanks Sam!)

Fire & Time

(fun fact: I wrote the song as a conversation between an old flame. The second verse is supposed to be sung by a girl)

Win or Lose

(fun fact: Listen close to the chorus to hear Eric and I sing a different word)

Playing new material is extremely important to any band who wants to create a career through playing music. I am so privileged to be able to create new music with such great guys. So for my 3rd thank you of this post I'd like to thank John Hildenbrand, Eric Lawry, Robert Dwyer and Jonathan Davenport for sticking your neck out on a limb musically and coming out the other end together. When I write these songs and present them to the band I have no idea how it will sound in the end. With out the creativity and patience of these guys we would be "full-time waiters" instead of "part-time waiters" .

This brings me to the many unique fans and people we met on this tour who made every show special and opened many more opportunities. I say to myself before every show, no difference if the room is empty or packed, "playing music for people is a privilege." This is a hard truth for the touring musician, but one that is a reality. We want to keep playing and creating music for you, but we need YOU to make that happen. The shows we have booked in December play a huge role in the future of the KGB. Below are the keystone shows.

Friday, December 7th at the Appalacian Brewing Company in Harrisburg PA

Thursday, December 13th at DC9 in Washington, DC

Saturday, December 22nd at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia, Pa (tickets available here)

Thursday, December 27th at The Mercury Lounge in New York, NY

In a perfect world you would be raging with us for each of these shows, but the world is not perfect. Do your part by spreading the word to your friends and family to help us make these shows blowout for the venues so we can continue on our path the way we believe. WE chose to pursue music without the umbrella of a label or outside booking agency. With that decision we have the ability to do things to best benefit us and our fans. It is something we are proud of and although challenging, extremely rewarding.

With the new year we have so much planned including a spring tour in February! We want to play for you in places YOU want us and venues that provide YOU with the best experience. That being said we will play almost anywhere and use your imagination because we can play as loud or as quiet as you want. Contact us ( with all of your ideas and we will do our best to make them a reality.

Wrapping this up I would like to present you with the unreleased trailer from our record release show at World Cafe Live earlier this year. To me this video is what KGB is all about. We strive to create total experiences with our big events and this video captures that spirit more so than any other video we have. The Holiday show on Saturday 12/22 will be even crazier than this and we can’t wait! With you support we can make every show this special and continue to bigger and better things for everyone in the KGB family.

Kalob Griffin

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