Why should you get a Weather Station?

If you’re a weather geek or you have some basic knowledge about metrology, then you’d know that every guy who loves weather should get a weather station to know about the atmospheric condition in your home, office, etc. In this article, I’ll explain to you how a weather station can help you no matter whether you’re a weather geek or a rooftop club owner.

What is Weather Station

Weather Station is a device packed with various sensors which helps you to know the local weather, temperature, humidity, the wind, rainfall stats and much more. You have set up the outdoor sensor unit in your backyard, and the data will be displayed on the led display console.

Essential Features

Temperature: You can get outdoor and indoor temperature in your screen console, and it gets updated every 10 seconds. It will record the maximum and minimum temperature of your locality.

Humidity: You can get the humidity data in your locality.

Rainfall Data: Rain Guage is attached to the outdoor sensor unit. It records the rainfall, and you can get rainfall data of any day in your display console, or if you’ve streamed your weather online using services like Wunderground, then you can get those data online.

Wind: You can know the wind direction, speed, flow, dew point, etc.

In weather stations like Davis contains various features such as weather ticker and much more. So some features depend on the brand you’re getting from. I’m using Acrite Weather Station, and it’s a badass.

How can it be useful to you

Weather station can be helpful for everyone, not just for metrologist. If you’re running a rooftop club and you wanted to know the weather of the day so that you can be prepared for it. Or if you’re a farmer it can be beneficial it can forecast the rainfall stats and the wind. Or If you’re someone who has an outdoor party lawn you can be sure that it won’t rain that day.

So, Weather Stations can be beneficial for almost everyone. Today weather stations are available for an affordable price starting from even $100 to $800.

You can get the following information with the weather station

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Wind Speed
  • Wind Direction
  • Rainfall data
  • Weather Forecast
  • Lightning Detector (Only a few models from Acurite)
  • Heat Index
  • Barometric Pressure
  • Wind Chill
  • Dew Point
  • Clock and Date
  • Weather Ticker
  • Stream your real-time weather online through Wunderground

Lightning Detector can be beneficial. Let’s say you have a baseball match and you’re about to play but then you’re weather station alerts your that a storm is approaching, then immediately you can inform your team and arrange alternate place or postpone the match.

You can connect your weather station to Wunderground and track your weather online from anywhere, However, please do check with the model. All the models don’t have this features.

So, I hope I made the points clear to you. If you still feel confused, shoot the comments or contact me here. I’ll be happy to help you out. And it depends on your preference too, If you just need a basic weather station that displays the temperature, humidity, etc you can go with the $100 models, but incase you need additional features like lightning detector then you’ve to shell out some more bucks and get a high-end one.

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